Washingtonians: Advocate for Housing on February 28th!

Tell Me More–Details Please!!!

On February 28th, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance will be holding its 2019 Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day in Olympia, WA. Over 600 statewide participants will be converging on the Capitol to meet with lawmakers and express support for affordable housing and solutions to homelessness.

Ho Hum. Why Bother?

Although it’s easy to get cynical, efforts like this are really important. So many legislators say that hearing from their constituents about the issues they care about, as well as their personal experiences, really does make a difference. Your representatives need to hear from you!

TL;DR? Simplify please!

Go forth and Advocate for Housing! Register. Go. Seriously, do it! Registration info can be found in the links above. Or just Click here.

Full disclosure: AGENCY Software is one of the sponsors of this 2019 Advocacy Day. Because we want our databases to include more people living in safe, stable, affordable housing, and less people who are experiencing homelessness.

Bonus Test! Can you read an AGENCY Housing History?

Case Managers might not enjoy entering Living Situation records into AGENCY, but they tell an important story, both about individuals and as statistics that paint a larger picture. So just to translate all this advocacy stuff into AGENCY-speak, we want to see less of this:

An AGENCY Housing History. This person is currently homeless.

and more of this:

A much better AGENCY Housing History. This person was homeless, but is now living in housing with supportive services to help them successfully keep their housing.

Enough said? See you in Olympia!

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