About AGENCY Software

AGENCY Software is a Free Software data system created by and for non-profit organizations.

AGENCY is designed to be flexible and adaptable for a wide variety of situations and requirements. With no vendor lock-in, and no per-user fees, AGENCY brings everyone together on the same page and puts your organization in control.

About the AGENCY Software Project

AGENCY is both software and a project intending to create community among non-profits. AGENCY is 100% Free Software, which provides benefits for both price and freedom. AGENCY can be downloaded from the internet, and any organization using AGENCY has full rights to use and modify the software. There is no vendor lock-in, and so organizations are in full control of their data system.

AGENCY also seeks to become a community of organizations, to facilitate cost-sharing, support each other, and provide a forum for the discussion and development of best practices regarding computer systems and data management.

AGENCY was not created in a vacuum. It was created in Seattle, WA at DESC, a large provider of services to homeless people. It has been adopted and nurtured by a community of organizations seeking to help people meet basic needs, and get the support they need to live better and more self-sufficiently. As such, the AGENCY Software Project is also committed to and supportive of those goals.

Technical Information about AGENCY Software

AGENCY is web-based software that will run on any standards-compliant browser. AGENCY is generally run on a Free Software stack. AGENCY is delighted to be powered by the outstanding Postgresql database. AGENCY is mostly written in PHP.